Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron

Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron is a global market leader for high precision components for the oil service industry. They have facilities in many locations worldwide. In 2011 they needed to train their in-house team of internal auditors from Noyabrsk, Western Siberia, but the cost and logistics of sending the team to Moscow was proving troublesome.

Fortunately the Scottish QHS Manager had been lead auditor trained by Capable People in the UK and remembered us. He called to see if we’d be prepared to venture all the way to Siberia, in November, to help. Naturally we were more than pleased to help and, despite the far from simple process of obtaining a Russian visa, we travelled the 3500 miles or so, braved the -20 °C temperatures, enjoyed the excellent hospitality and delivered a great course for them on their own facility.

Training is what we do, wherever it takes us. If it's cold, we take a big coat.