EDF Energy

EDF Energy is the largest electricity supplier and the largest supplier of energy to business in the UK. They are also one of the largest suppliers of domestic energy in the UK. We’ve been working with EDF Energy for over 7 years. This has involved the training of in house audit teams to lead auditor standard on site at their nuclear installations. We also support them with the ISO 9001 registration that they hold in their B2B Industrial and Commercial Division.

Our ongoing support for EDF involves management of their internal audit program across the Gloucester and Exeter sites. A while ago they have decided they would prefer an external perspective. We help them maintain their conformance and maintain ISO 9001 certification. We also to assist them when, from time to time, they have decided that the time has been right to extend the scope of their system. Holding ISO 9001 helps the Division gain a competitive advantage as they seek to retain contracts with business customers and also to win new ones.

We have developed a very good working relationship with EDF over the years and have assisted them with the re-scoping of their certified system many times, and also to help them transition their system whenever the ISO 9001 standard itself changes.

In addition to the support that we continue to provide to EDF relating to ISO 9001, we have also helped them prepare themselves for certification to the Customer Complaint Handling standard, ISO 10002. This involved an initial diagnostic, gap analysis and action plan.