E.ON Ruhrgas

E.ON Ruhrgas is one of the leading gas companies in Europe. It offers a wide range of services and products for the transportation, storage, marketing and use of natural gas. E.ON Ruhrgas AG has a distribution system of more than 11,000 km of natural gas pipelines, 12 natural gas underground storage facilities and 26 compressor stations. Hence, one of the core tasks is also the monitoring and maintenance of all the technical installations as well as rectification and repairs for restoring the availability and maintenance of the gas supply.

E.ON Ruhrgas operates extensive oil and gas drilling operations in sub-Saharan Africa and recently invited Capable People to its secure compound in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria to deliver customised IRCA Quality Management System Internal Auditor training. Obviously in remote locations like this, the training can’t be completed in one sitting, but Capable People were more than happy to brave the 45 degree temperatures and the red Saharan dust to deliver multiple sessions in order that all back to back key staff members were covered. It is what we do.