About the IRCA

IRCA was formed in 1984 as part of the UK government's enterprise initiative, designed to make industry and business more competitive through the implementation of quality principles and practices. This structure included IRCA, an accreditation body (now UKAS), a national standards making body (BSI Standards) and a number of commercial certification bodies. The original quality management standard used was the British standard BS 5750, which has since evolved to become ISO 9001.

IRCA has earned a reputation for integrity, contributing value and best practice. The evaluation and certification methods developed and used by IRCA have been adopted as the industry standard model used by other auditor certification bodies, which indicates that we remain the auditor certification that supplier organisations, certification bodies and auditors value most.

Over 1 million auditors have attended an IRCA certified course since 1984 and more than 120 countries are represented on the IRCA register.

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Why IRCA approval is important

Achieving IRCA approval as an organisation and then, in turn, for each of our approved courses, was not a quick, easy or cheap process for Capable People, so why did we do it? Well, we did it for you.

We understand that when you pay for training courses, you deserve to know what you’re getting and self-declarations of competence are, to say the least, sometimes unreliable. That’s why we took the step of gaining approval from the most respected and recognised accreditation body in the world – so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Successfully completing an IRCA approved course is an achievement, and we know that an IRCA approved certificate issued by Capable People, carries value. It carries value for the student, the employer, prospective employers and also oversight organisations. IRCA certificates are issued under strict conditions – we can’t issue them like confetti. That means when you successfully complete one of our courses, you know you’ve achieved something.

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Our IRCA approved Training

Capable People offers a suite of IRCA approved training courses in the fields of Quality, Health, safety and Environmental management Systems. They are of most benefit to organisations that are seeking to achieve or maintain certification to an ISO standard in those specialist fields.

Our courses are suitable for people with different needs, from the 2 day Internal Auditor Course, which is suited to people that require a more basic understanding of audit processes, to the more advanced 5 day Lead Auditor Courses, which are assessed by exam. In addition we also offer Transition Courses to support people that need to understand how management system standards have changed, and the implications.

You can find out more about our IRCA approved courses by following the links below

QMS Lead Auditor

QMS Internal Auditor

OHSMS Lead Auditor

EMS Lead Auditor

ISO 9001:2015 Transition

ISO 14001:2015 Transition

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