In Company Training

These are the assignments we enjoy most. This is where we get to work with you, on your home turf, find out about you. That means, ultimately, we can design and deliver something that really works for you. We can tailor the course in terms of content, methods and duration. We can introduce a lot more hands on practical work and, of course, we do all this when and where it is convenient to you.

The one thing we find we have to emphasise is that we go ANYWHERE. Distance is no barrier or obstacle for us. We REALLY want to meet and work with you. Oh, and if you’re a Public Sector organisation, don’t be worried we’ll give you the factory treatment. We won’t. We understand you.

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In the UK

We’re a UK company, so it won’t come as any surprise when we tell you we’ve covered the length and breadth of the Islands delivering training for our customers. Whether that’s an Oil and Gas company in the Aberdeen, a Military Barracks on Salisbury Plain, or a Factory that makes jam and the orange that goes into Jaffa Cakes in the heart of England, we’ve been just about everywhere and worked with all kinds of organisations.

We’re good at what we do and, because we’ve worked with so many excellent organisations, we know there’s no one size fits all solution. We’ll give you the same special attention our loyal customers already know they can expect.

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Farther Afield

Now this really is a perk of our work. Getting on aeroplanes and jetting off to glamorous locations and staying in the best hotels in the world. Well, it’s not quite like that. It’s work. That said, travel really does broaden the mind, there sometimes is a tiny element of glamour, but best of all we get the chance to meet new people and work with some of the best companies across the globe.

If you think your people deserve something better than you can find locally, give us a call. We’ll come to you, wherever you are. We are delighted to regularly work with customers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Our Badges

Gaining our accreditations and approvals hasn’t been easy or cheap, but we’ve done it because we know you need confidence that we’re the real deal.

Why IRCA accreditation is important

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Examples of Our UK Assignments

It’s not all Oil, Barracks and Jaffa Cakes! Here are a few of our other UK assignments

West Midlands Police

EDF Energy

Hain Daniels

Examples Of Some Far Flung Assignments

There have been A LOT, but here are a couple of examples to give you the general idea.

E.on RuhrGas (Sahara Desert)

GardaWorld (UAE)

Schoeller Bleckmann Darron (Siberia)