Our beginnings

Capable People was formed in 2007 in Durham, England. We’ve been an IRCA approved Training Organisation since that time. From the start it was important that Capable People set itself apart as being somehow different. There were things we never wanted to do.

We didn’t want to pester people with spam, make them feel nauseous with cheesy advertising, or harass them with a boiler room sales operation. From the start we decided we’d just try to be better, to be actually good at what we do. We thought (hoped) that if we just did that, then word of mouth would do the rest. It was a leap of faith and a bit of a gamble, but we trusted the process and it worked.

To this day you’re most likely to hear about Capable People from our customers, or through the channels we use to engage with the professional community, like our LinkedIn Discussion Group, articles we write for publications like Quality World, or the blog on this site. 

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Where we are now

Since 2007 we’ve grown. We reach more people. The process of word of mouth recommendations has worked and we now serve customers on nearly every continent. We’ve got a small network of partners that we work with who we know we can trust, meaning people can now find a Capable People public training course running in the UK, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon.

Our work spans numerous sectors and specialisms and we’re learning and growing from our experiences all the time. We now work with some of the biggest and most respected brands in the world. In the UK we provide extensive support to the UK Ministry of Defence. We’ve held a national contract since 2010 for the provision of Lead Audit training to officers leaving the armed forces, in preparation for their civilian life and career. This has been rewarding work and has resulted in more than a few customers becoming our friends.

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Things we do, things we don’t

Because we don’t have a boiler room sales operation, or post banner adverts everywhere, we have to communicate differently. From the start we’ve tried to positively use the potential and power of social media, and do it in the right way. We try not to break the rules. When we communicate we try to help, entertain and add value.

There are over 100 articles on our blog, for instance, and not one of them is a thinly veiled banner ad for a training course – it’s a free resource. We run a strongly moderated Discussion Group on LinkedIn where spamming, personal attacks and abuse are all banned – it’s a safe place for professionals to discuss technical issues and share advice.

Our Twitter account is also manually updated and interactive. A real life Capable Person types every tweet. With us it’s a two way thing.

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