Metalis Energy

Metalis Energy are specialists in high integrity, high pressure, safety critical pipeline components and drilling manifold systems for the latest generation high-performance, harsh environment drill-rigs and drill ship applications. Their products are used in demanding deep-water harsh environments where safety, high-performance and certified quality materials are absolutely paramount. They supply a number of high profile oil and gas operators throughout the world. They typify a company that really has to get things right first time.

Our work with Metalis Energy was not a typical project. It started out as one thing, changed to another and then changed again to something else. That’s how some projects go. The work environments of some of our clients are very dynamic. We started working with the people from Metalis Energy when they were much smaller and had a much more limited scope. In those days they were known as State Engineering, and we worked with them to help them achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, which they held for a couple of years.

More recently the company has grown and developed, moved to a new premises and taken on new staff. They returned to Capable People when they needed their system to developed to meet the very high standards of API Q1 R9. We worked with the people of Metalis over a period of months developing the processes, procedures and systems that API Q1 R9 requires and, as an interim step in the process (because the waiting list for an API assessment was 12 months) helped them achieve ISO 9001:2015 on the way.