Chevron is one of the largest and most respected oil and gas companies in the world. Its operations include exploration, production, manufacturing, pipelines, shipping and production of lubricants. When we got a call from their Aberdeen North Sea Headquarters asking if we could help their in house team of auditors prepare for an upcoming corporate review, we were only too pleased to help. It is not every day that a company like Chevron comes knocking on your door.

Chevron told us that they wanted to train their team to carry out integrated health & safety and quality management system audits, both onshore and offshore, and that the team would consist of a mixture of both operational and administrative staff. They were very pleased to hear that we were happy to develop a custom built program of training just for them, to take into consideration their specific range of challenges, their corporate objectives and the backgrounds and abilities of their in house team.

The program was delivered over a series of events (obviously it is hard to get everyone together at the same time) in Aberdeen in summer 2011, and involved elements of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and also some video clips specific to the oil extraction industry, which they found most useful and particularly relevant. We’ve been working with Chevron in some way every year ever since.

Capable People is proud to have helped such a major operator develop the assurance processes they need to ensure that the process of extracting the resources that we all need are done in an efficient and as safe a way as possible.