Gloucestershire College

In 2009 we got a call from the Director of Student Services at Gloucestershire College. He was keen to develop a quality framework to help his people work efficiently and consistency, and he was also keen to develop a means for the delivering relevant and useful performance information to help him manage the operation smarter. He had encountered ISO 9001 in his previous posting in industry and asked us if we’d help his team implement and formal quality management system and achieve ISO 9001 registration

Naturally we were only too happy to help. Quality management is one of our core activities, and we have extensive experience of helping people in the service and not for profit sectors. For us, this would not be difficult. Anyway, we soon kicked the project off with a gap analysis, which resulted in a plan of action. Working with the in house team, we assigned roles, responsibilities and timescales to the actions and moved through them very quickly. Fortunately the team were right behind their Director. We also, at the same time, delivered some IRCA registered Internal Auditor training for them on site. It was going to be important that the team could own their own system at the end of this project. The final stage came when, in February 2009, Student Services were successful in gaining certification. A certification that they continue to hold.

Such was the success and impact of their initial achievement that Student Services have found that they have become something of an example for other Departments, and the quality movement has spread. Capable People is proud to continue to support Gloucestershire College as its quality drive gathers momentum. As an example we helped the IT Services Department achieve ISO 9001 certification following a successful program of consultancy support and training.